Back – And Especially Training Exercises

Exterior back by three main muscles: latissimus, trapezius muscles and lower back.

Features training back

If you are on the Split, the back can be trained in one day with the triceps , legs, biceps and shoulders. People working activities are associated with heavy physical work recommended no more than three or four sets per workout. If you do not feel posvsednevnuyu strain on the back, then for one training you need to perform 6-8 sets (the sum of sets of all exercises) on the back. Exercises on the back muscles are among the most traumatic, most bodybuilding disability associated with the spine: osteochondrosis, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, pinching roots spinal nerves and so on. All of these diseases are associated with irrational training and excessive strain on the spine. If you have recently started their studies in bodybuilding, then in the initial stages, use a small weight, even if you feel that you can pick up a lot more. To expose the back of high loads, pre-need to strengthen the musculo-ligamentous apparatus that will protect the spine from injury. Usually enough 2-3 exercises for the back, to achieve good results. To increase the relief of muscle mass and perform 10-15 repetitions. When classes to develop strength, reduce the number of repetitions to 5-7.


The most important muscles that are involved in the formation of the back – it’s tremendous. They start in the rear area of ​​the armpits and descend down to the waist. It is attached to the back latissimus powerful tapered look, visually increasing the width of the shoulders and narrowing the waist. Therefore, any athlete, bodybuilding, trying to make great efforts to develop them. It is a real salvation for those who have naturally narrow shoulders, well developed lats can solve this problem. Link rod in the slope One of the best exercises for building the broadest. It is best to carry out, resting her head in a soft cradle to prevent cheating. It is believed that if the barbell above his chest, then more increasing the upper regions of the widest if the belly, then lower, those that are closer to the waist. Thrust dumbbell with one hand while standing in the slope A good exercise for the development of the broadest muscle. When properly performed, it gives the maximum load around dlinniku muscle – stretching complete and powerful contraction. It is best to start this exercise with a weaker hand. Perform the required number of repetitions for it, and then do the same for a strong hand. So you will ensure a more harmonious development. Due to the above reception, it is possible to achieve the same of both hands. Pull-ups Great basic exercise. Variations of pull-ups associated with the change in the width of the grip. However, we must remember that the narrowing width grip, as well as its over-extension, prevents reduction of the broadest peak, the ideal distance between the brushes – a little wider than shoulder width. It is used to bring in diversity training and increase the power capacity of the shoulder girdle. If you want to increase the load of exercise, put heavy athletics belt and tie it to the front on a strong cord burdening – a dumbbell or barbell disc. Thrust his head on a high block One of the best exercises for lat. Thrust block behind the head is more convenient in the performance compared to the pull-ups, as well as good because it allows you to move the thrust angle in any direction, thereby cycling more diverse bundles of muscle. Link unit to a belt sitting This exercise is the basic character and strains more muscle mass, including large muscles: the chest and lats. The motion rightly considered one of the best to give back the visual width. The most effective option exercise involves the use of a forked stick, which allows to keep the brush parallel.


Trapezius muscle begins at the base of the skull, shoulders and diverge to go down between his shoulder blades. These muscles are critical for bodybuilders. You can not have a harmonious shape with poorly developed trapezius muscle. Deadlift Deadlift – it’s hard to base an exercise that involves a large number of muscle groups and allows you to develop in proportion as the back and the muscles of the arms and legs. Exercise is recommended for beginners because it has a complex general developmental effects on the entire body. More professional athletes should not forget about it, and periodically perform deadlifts, but should be used for the lagging muscle isolation exercises . Shrugs ( Shrugs barbell ) Shrugs selectively enable Trapeze to develop muscles. This is perhaps the only and the best exercise for the formation of the trapezoids. Follow shrugs, holding a dumbbell in lowered down and straightened her arms.

Lower back

Loins, mainly represented rectifiers back. When planning your training program, exercises for the lower back is better to leave at the end of the workout. In addition to appearance, the strengthening of the lumbar muscles is good for health, as this is one of the weaknesses of the bodybuilder. By strengthening the lumbar muscles reduces the risk of diseases of the spine: degenerative disc disease, displacement of the vertebrae and pinched nerves as muscular frame provides strong support for the vertebrae. In order to strengthen the waist, beginners recommended deadlift as the main acting exercise almost all the muscles of the back. Lean forward with a barbell Leaning forward over the bar selectively pumped muscles lumbar, admittedly, it is considered the best exercise to strengthen the lower back. Leave the exercises for the lower back at the end of the workout. Perform it must be switched off with an almost straight back and knees. Bend to the parallel of the floor, and then return to the starting position, and do not forget that the back should be straight. Hyperextensions (Gipersekstenziya (tension of the back muscles) ) Another exercise for the development of rectifiers back and gluteal muscles and hip flexors. Exercise has a low risk of spinal injury, do not overload the joints, supports muscle tone, strengthens the tendon spine corset, so it is recommended to perform for beginners and people with weak backs. Hyperextensions reduce the risk of injury to the spine and tendons.

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