Bodybuilding Exercises For Home

In this article we have tried to bring the most effective bodybuilding exercises that you can do at home without additional shells and simulators. The program is designed in such a way that involves all major muscle groups, so it can be used as the basis for all your activities in the conditions of the house. Some exercises require bars and the horizontal bar, which are available in almost every yard or school stadium. In addition, you can use any improvised goods: backpack bag, bucket, metal objects and so on. Some laugh at this, but under this sign are many professional athletes who categorically do not accept lessons in gyms. Almost 90% of all bodybuilding exercises you can fully simulate the house or in the yard. There are several areas that involve the use of an improvised weights of goods, such as the training of the dinosaurs, whose grandparent – Brooks Kubik – national champion in bench press and author of many articles published in the best journals of strength training. In addition, well-known areas such as Strongman events and Odd lifts. Exercises for the house

  1. Exercises for the house on the triceps and chest muscles

Push-ups – great exercise for the house, which includes the work of the triceps and pectoral muscles, minor muscles are utilized the press , back and legs. There are different variations of push-ups, which make it possible to focus on the various bundles of pectoral muscles or the triceps . The main disadvantage of push-ups is the lack of their own body weight, which can be corrected by adding a complication. This can be done with a backpack, which is placed in the cargo with the necessary weight. In addition, the burdening can create mate, putting pressure on the interscapular region of the back. Also, you can perform push-ups on one hand, in this case, the load on the muscles of the hand will be doubled. The triceps and pecs pumped perfectly on the uneven bars. Home bars can be replaced by two chairs with backs, posed next to each other, but without practice it can be dangerous.

  1. Exercises for the house on the thigh muscles

Squatting – another basic exercise that can be easily carried out at home. As a complication, you can use a backpack with a load or Assistant weight behind your back. Performing squats on one leg, you can increase the load by half, thus the need for additional encumbrance may be absent.

  1. Exercise for the biceps at home

Biceps can be pumped by a horizontal bar. Follow the reverse grip pull-ups, you can use a backpack with weights, if you pull-up more than 15 times in one go. In addition, the load of the biceps, you can use improvised weights, dumbbells and barbells, if you have access to them.Follow the rise of the biceps with one or two hands.

  1. Exercises for the house at the press

Twisting can be done at home on a rug or bed. As a rule, need help fixing feet. Twisting can be performed on the uneven bars. In this exercise, the body is perpendicular to the joists, the feet are placed under the far rail, and the lower part of the thigh is the near-rod. It is also a great exercise to the press – lifting legs on the bar. Grasp the wrists of the horizontal bar, lift the straight leg at the knees in front of him.

  1. Exercises for the house on the back muscles.

Keel – exercises on the lumbar muscles, which is performed lying on his stomach, and the body bends in the lumbar region, and the head, arms and legs are pulled up. Another exercise in spinal erectors can be performed with an assistant. Lying on the bed face down, the body hanging from the edge of the bed to the waist, legs held assistant on the bed. Follow the extension of the back. The upper back (lats), you can work out in the process of pull-ups on the bar. Enough – a little wider than shoulder width. Trapezius muscles are utilized best when performing only one exercise – shrugs. As a complication, you can use any 2 cargo (bags or buckets of water, whatever is more convenient for you).

  1. Exercise the muscles in the lower leg

Calf muscles are involved in the work when standing up on your toes. Perform the exercise at home, to increase the load – on one leg. As the load you can use a backpack, assistant weight and other complications, at your discretion.

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