Courses of Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)

Courses of Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)

Boldenone – one of the brightest representatives of the family of anabolic steroids. In the last few years, gaining more and more popularity in our Ukraine.

For a long time, due to the fact that boldenone was very rare and inaccessible drug we have on the market, the athletes – chemists were unable to assess the impact of steroid appreciated.

But the situation has changed. There are new, affordable line of sports pharmacology. And Boldenone (Equipoise) took its place of honor in the arsenal of all kinds of chemists.

WHAT IS Equipoise and what its main advantages?

After the world saw and tried methandienone, chemists – pharmacists began to develop a long-playing version of methandienone.

Scientists took the methane molecule and cut off her 17 alpha-methyl group.

What eventually happened and called Equipoise. And the drug was completely different properties than methandienone.

Initially we started Boldenone use for the needs of veterinary medicine as a drug for a set of mass and increase appetite cattle. In this path, boldenone showed the highest efficiency.

What’s good for our little good for us humans) So, soon migrated to the boldenone “kits” of bodybuilders and athletes of all kinds.

The result of the use of boldenone, so liked bodybuilding community that boldenone, firmly and permanently settled in the pharmacological “bins” Western athletes.

Until recently, boldenone had a very low popularity in the post-Soviet space, but gradually as the availability and accumulation of experience with this drug, boldenone, earned the love and domestic athletes.

Boldenone EFFECT

At the end of the course on the basis of Equipoise, weight gain and strength in methane and boldenone is practically identical. But athletes have noticed that to gain weight has a much better kachestvom.Netu delays excess fluid scored muscles. Athletes who used boldenone, noted a slow but quality increase of muscle tissue.

The effects of the use of Equipoise:

  • A set of very high quality muscle mass
  • Increased appetite
  • A serious boost in power rates
  • Increased muscle vascularity
  • Not oboladet estrogenic or androgenic side effects
  • It can be used by women

Equipoise COURSE

Equipoise is one of the “long-running drugs” in the market of sports pharmacology.

Equipoise action in the human body is maintained for three weeks after injection.

Based on this fact, it makes sense to do only long courses on the basis of this steroid.

The recommended length of the course is 8 to 10 and more weeks.

Effective dosages boldenone start with 400 mg. and can reach 1 gram per week.

The range of products that can be applied together with boldenone, outrageously wide.

Equipoise can be combined with virtually all drugs.

The most popular courses on the basis of boldenone:

  • 400-600 mg boldenone. Turinabol 40 -50 mg. 8-10 weeks.
  • Boldenone 400 -600 mg. + Testostosterony. Enanthate, cypionate at masonabor. Propionate, on drying.
  • Boldenone 400-600 mg plus 30-50 mg of methandienone.


For those people who want to first try the delights of sports pharmacology, but fear any – any side effects, expressed or alleged, Boldenone is an excellent preparation for the first year. And not only the first.

Equipoise can be successfully applied to subsequent courses. Speaking of side effects that boldenone is, they simply do not have.

Equipoise, aromatizuruetsya practically does not have progestin activity not tokchichen liver, it does not retain water and have no other androgens – Estrogen-dependent side effects, even if the dosage of the drug reach 1 gram and more!

Due to low androgenic activity, a drug can be used by girls, so it does not cause phenomena maskunizatsii.

From the above written, we can conclude that boldenone is one of the few “safe” anabolic steroids, and is a welcome preparation courses aimed at both massonabor, and the design of your carcass for the beach season.

Boldenone post-cycle therapy PCT

As we wrote above, Equipoise does not have the side effects that are inherent in other steroids. But boldenone like any other, even the safest steroid applied to the duration of the course will be an overwhelming influence on testosterone production. Because pips after the course it is necessary to carry out Equipoise.

FCT dozhno nachinatsya no earlier than steroid finished its action in the body. For bodenona this period is 14 days. Ie you should start tamoxifen after two weeks, after the last injections of boldenone. Not earlier. Admission to antiestrogens steroid excretion from the body does not make sense. If your course prododzhalsya 10 weeks or more, it is recommended to use Gonadotropin 3 weeks before the end of the course, to restart the arc pituitary gland – the pituitary gland, the testes.


It is the prices for Equipoise in Ukraine were not quite adequate. Price per 1 bottle boldenone LABS joint venture started with $ 60. Currently, price since competition in the market, were significantly reduced. Now the cost of boldenone is 22 to 25 dollars at the current rate in local currency.

Boldenone you can buy at the best price in Ukraine in our online – shop sports pharmacology “FarmaUa.” Order the original joint venture or boldenone from Golden Dragon, with a guarantee of quality you can only at us.

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