Bodybuilding at Home

Bodybuilding Exercises For Home

In this article we have tried to bring the most effective bodybuilding exercises that you can do at home without additional shells and simulators. The program is designed in such a way that involves all major muscle groups, so it can be used as the basis for all your activities in the conditions of the house. Some exercises require bars and the horizontal bar, which are available in almost every yard or school stadium.

In addition, you can use any improvised goods: backpack bag, bucket, metal objects and so on. Some laugh at this, but under this sign are many professional athletes who categorically do not accept lessons in gyms. Almost 90% of all bodybuilding exercises you can fully simulate the house or in the yard.

There are several areas that involve the use of an improvised weights of goods, such as the training of the dinosaurs, whose grandparent – Brooks Kubik – national champion in bench press and author of many articles published in the best journals of strength training. In addition, well-known areas such as Strongman events and Odd lifts.

Exercises for the house

  1. Exercises for the house on the triceps and chest muscles

Push-ups – great exercise for the house, which includes the work of the triceps and pectoral muscles, minor muscles are utilized the press , back and legs. There are different variations of push-ups, which make it possible to focus on the various bundles of pectoral muscles or the triceps .

The main disadvantage of push-ups is the lack of their own body weight, which can be corrected by adding a complication. This can be done with a backpack, which is placed in the cargo with the necessary weight. In addition, the burdening can create mate, putting pressure on the interscapular region of the back. Also, you can perform push-ups on one hand, in this case, the load on the muscles of the hand will be doubled.

The triceps and pecs pumped perfectly on the uneven bars. Home bars can be replaced by two chairs with backs, posed next to each other, but without practice it can be dangerous.

  1. Exercises for the house on the thigh muscles

Squatting – another basic exercise that can be easily carried out at home. As a complication, you can use a backpack with a load or Assistant weight behind your back. Performing squats on one leg, you can increase the load by half, thus the need for additional encumbrance may be absent.

  1. Exercise for the biceps at home

Biceps can be pumped by a horizontal bar. Follow the reverse grip pull-ups, you can use a backpack with weights, if you pull-up more than 15 times in one go.

In addition, the load of the biceps, you can use improvised weights, dumbbells and barbells, if you have access to them.Follow the rise of the biceps with one or two hands.

  1. Exercises for the house at the press

Twisting can be done at home on a rug or bed. As a rule, need help fixing feet.

Twisting can be performed on the uneven bars. In this exercise, the body is perpendicular to the joists, the feet are placed under the far rail, and the lower part of the thigh is the near-rod.

It is also a great exercise to the press – lifting legs on the bar. Grasp the wrists of the horizontal bar, lift the straight leg at the knees in front of him.

  1. Exercises for the house on the back muscles.

Keel – exercises on the lumbar muscles, which is performed lying on his stomach, and the body bends in the lumbar region, and the head, arms and legs are pulled up.

Another exercise in spinal erectors can be performed with an assistant. Lying on the bed face down, the body hanging from the edge of the bed to the waist, legs held assistant on the bed. Follow the extension of the back.

The upper back (lats), you can work out in the process of pull-ups on the bar. Enough – a little wider than shoulder width.

Trapezius muscles are utilized best when performing only one exercise – shrugs. As a complication, you can use any 2 cargo (bags or buckets of water, whatever is more convenient for you).

  1. Exercise the muscles in the lower leg

Calf muscles are involved in the work when standing up on your toes. Perform the exercise at home, to increase the load – on one leg. As the load you can use a backpack, assistant weight and other complications, at your discretion.


Bodybuilding And Fitness At Home

Bodybuilding at home – than beneficial?

Bodybuilding at home gives you a number of distinct advantages:

  • You can generate an exercise routine
  • To engage in an appropriate time for you
  • Not wasting time on the road
  • Avoid the queues to simulators
  • To save money

In addition, doing bodybuilding at home you can try new exercises without fear that you will be doing something wrong, and they will laugh at you. In general, the ability to experiment at home is very high.

If you have the financial capability, you can arrange a home room the envy of many a professional. Specialty stores provide training equipment to any part of the body, a complete set of dumbbells, and all that can be needed to the customer.

But all the same home workout is a subsidiary element, which allows to keep the form, for full outcome is better to use this room, no matter how much money you cost your home set.

Bodybuilding at home – the possible disadvantages

If you decide to practice bodybuilding at home, you will need to allocate space for exercise equipment, you will need to buy special equipment. However, the main difficulty is not the point.

When a person is engaged in the hall, if it makes any exercise correctly, the trainer can fix it. In the hall there are always people who can hedge during any exercise, in particular lying bench. House likely will not be of such insurance, which means that the exercise to be very careful not to take on the maximum weight for you, or use a special belay device.

The very first problem with which you encounter when doing the house – you need to sort out what to buy exercise equipment. Remember, professional equipment, which is in a good hall, usually it costs thousands of dollars, so before you spend money, make sure it’s really you need.

Cheap trainers, who often buy to work at home, have a tendency to break down at the most inopportune moment, that’s why it is not necessary to save them money.

Gym – it is an opportunity to work alongside other athletes, to compare, to have all the opportunities and prospects for growth. And if you want a really serious result, it is better to choose a gym, if you have the opportunity.

What you need to know to train at home?

Those who decided to engage in bodybuilding at home, have to seriously pull theory to create a correct program. We need to know about what kind of exercise in which muscles are affected, to know how to choose the right training intensity, how long it takes to restore, how to organize your meals.

Home bodybuilding objectives of each person defines for himself. Set grinding and muscles, weight loss, healthy lifestyle. In any case, it is very useful to have a training diary, which is easier to keep track of the dynamics and to introduce the necessary adjustments.

Keep a training diary

Also in the training diary must be fully registered training plan, which will include not only the order of the exercises, but also the number of approaches to each of them. The correct would be to write to a full schedule that includes sleep, nutrition, complex food additives, work and rest. Visual aids before the eyes helps to organize their lives so as to effectively succeed.

If you decide to work at home, remember that the approach to training is very serious, you need to know on what muscle group to focus, how to build a training process, to paint the exercise, the number of sets and reps.

Could bring result bodybuilding at home?

Good results were achieved in the home, not only ordinary people but also the world champions, holders of the most prestigious titles in particular, Dorian Yates.

The fact that the training at home often prefer working with free weights, barbells and dumbbells, often plays into the hands, as these are the exercises above all contribute to the growth of muscle mass.

Gym in the apartment

In order to equip your own personal gym for bodybuilding at home it will need about 10 square meters. First of all, you need to free up the space of foreign objects, there should be nothing on it except that is designed for bodybuilding. It is very important that there is a full length mirror in sight.

And another important point is the music, so that the sound system be installed so as to be able to engage with music.

In a home gym should be enough light and air.

In the presence of animals and children, need to be able to close the entrance to the hall, lest unwanted injuries.


The best exercises for biceps

Biceps – Exercise And Workout Features

Biceps – exercise and workout features

Biceps or biceps shoulder – is a large, well visible muscle on the front of the shoulder. Biceps, according to general opinion, is the epitome of formal human muscle, physique rating and traditionally reduces to estimating the value of the biceps. Many bodybuilders, especially beginners punctuate much of its attention on the biceps. In this regard, it created countless articles, literature, training programs, advice and recommendations devoted to training the biceps. Analyzing the current data, it can be stated with confidence that approximately 80% of all information about the biceps workout false.

Biceps has two heads or beam ( “bi – means” two “) long head is located in the front, outer part of the arm, starting from the top of the blade edge, called the glenoid fossa short head extends closer to the inner part of the arm and also starts from the shoulder. Next, but somewhat lower both the head and includes a blend radius tuberosity main function of the biceps – flexing arm at the elbow, thus, practically all consist of the exercise of this movement.

Many wonder how such a large diversity among identify what is most suitable for themselves. In fact, the tactic is quite simple: it is necessary to start bodybuilding training with the classics, which are effective for most people. It is a mistake to believe that a classic is outdated program to replace that new sophisticated training came. In fact, the classic approach gives you the highest guarantee of success, yet it is not a complete solution to the problem. If you are trained for a minimum of 2 years and did not get a good result, then the program needs to be changed. In this article, we will try to present the classical canons of training the biceps, as well as give advice on the improvement of the training.

I would like to dispel once a very popular myth is often claimed that some bicep exercises develop wide, others form the peak, the top of the third, fourth bottom and so on. In fact, everything is different: the shape of the biceps is determined genetically by 90%, and almost all the exercises involve the biceps fully.Thus, to change the shape of the biceps is almost impossible, that can not be said about its volume.

Features training

Biceps enough to train 1 every 1-2 weeks. Do not do this more often, as the muscles will not have time to recover, and growth is possible only under condition of full recovery.

It is a mistake to believe that the hand muscles, the best choice is to isolate. Biceps, like other muscles best swing basic exercises, such as tightening the lower grip, pull the tilt of reverse grip, and lifting on a biceps standing. For athletes with less than 2 years, not optimally use isolation exercises .

The optimal number of repetitions for biceps growth 8 – 15, to increase the strength of 6 – 8.

Seth should last about 1 minute. Take in one workout about 2-3 sets (the sum of sets of all exercises).

Perform one of the training 1 – 2 exercises for biceps.

To avoid muscle adaptation, try to change the set of exercises every 2 – 4 training. For beginners this can be done less frequently.

One effective stimulating factors – a progressive increase in the load. Gradually add on weight every 1 – 3 training.

For maximum biceps study using techniques supertreninga.

Split biceps can be trained with shoulders , forearms, back or chest.

The best exercises for biceps

  • Lifting barbell biceps
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps
  • Alternating Curls with dumbbells
  • Concentrated curl
  • Curls on the bench Scott
  • Biceps curl with a dumbbell grip “hammer”
  • Bending of one hand with the lower block handle
Training Exercises

Back – And Especially Training Exercises

Exterior back by three main muscles: latissimus, trapezius muscles and lower back.

Features training back

If you are on the Split, the back can be trained in one day with the triceps , legs, biceps and shoulders. People working activities are associated with heavy physical work recommended no more than three or four sets per workout. If you do not feel posvsednevnuyu strain on the back, then for one training you need to perform 6-8 sets (the sum of sets of all exercises) on the back.

Exercises on the back muscles are among the most traumatic, most bodybuilding disability associated with the spine: osteochondrosis, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, pinching roots spinal nerves and so on. All of these diseases are associated with irrational training and excessive strain on the spine. If you have recently started their studies in bodybuilding, then in the initial stages, use a small weight, even if you feel that you can pick up a lot more. To expose the back of high loads, pre-need to strengthen the musculo-ligamentous apparatus that will protect the spine from injury.

Usually enough 2-3 exercises for the back, to achieve good results. To increase the relief of muscle mass and perform 10-15 repetitions. When classes to develop strength, reduce the number of repetitions to 5-7.


The most important muscles that are involved in the formation of the back – it’s tremendous. They start in the rear area of ​​the armpits and descend down to the waist. It is attached to the back latissimus powerful tapered look, visually increasing the width of the shoulders and narrowing the waist. Therefore, any athlete, bodybuilding, trying to make great efforts to develop them. It is a real salvation for those who have naturally narrow shoulders, well developed lats can solve this problem.

Link rod in the slope

One of the best exercises for building the broadest. It is best to carry out, resting her head in a soft cradle to prevent cheating. It is believed that if the barbell above his chest, then more increasing the upper regions of the widest if the belly, then lower, those that are closer to the waist.

Thrust dumbbell with one hand while standing in the slope

A good exercise for the development of the broadest muscle. When properly performed, it gives the maximum load around dlinniku muscle – stretching complete and powerful contraction. It is best to start this exercise with a weaker hand. Perform the required number of repetitions for it, and then do the same for a strong hand. So you will ensure a more harmonious development. Due to the above reception, it is possible to achieve the same of both hands.


Great basic exercise. Variations of pull-ups associated with the change in the width of the grip. However, we must remember that the narrowing width grip, as well as its over-extension, prevents reduction of the broadest peak, the ideal distance between the brushes – a little wider than shoulder width. It is used to bring in diversity training and increase the power capacity of the shoulder girdle. If you want to increase the load of exercise, put heavy athletics belt and tie it to the front on a strong cord burdening – a dumbbell or barbell disc.

Thrust his head on a high block

One of the best exercises for lat. Thrust block behind the head is more convenient in the performance compared to the pull-ups, as well as good because it allows you to move the thrust angle in any direction, thereby cycling more diverse bundles of muscle.

Link unit to a belt sitting

This exercise is the basic character and strains more muscle mass, including large muscles: the chest and lats. The motion rightly considered one of the best to give back the visual width. The most effective option exercise involves the use of a forked stick, which allows to keep the brush parallel.


Trapezius muscle begins at the base of the skull, shoulders and diverge to go down between his shoulder blades. These muscles are critical for bodybuilders. You can not have a harmonious shape with poorly developed trapezius muscle.


Deadlift – it’s hard to base an exercise that involves a large number of muscle groups and allows you to develop in proportion as the back and the muscles of the arms and legs. Exercise is recommended for beginners because it has a complex general developmental effects on the entire body. More professional athletes should not forget about it, and periodically perform deadlifts, but should be used for the lagging muscle isolation exercises .

Shrugs ( Shrugs barbell )

Shrugs selectively enable Trapeze to develop muscles. This is perhaps the only and the best exercise for the formation of the trapezoids. Follow shrugs, holding a dumbbell in lowered down and straightened her arms.

Lower back

Loins, mainly represented rectifiers back. When planning your training program, exercises for the lower back is better to leave at the end of the workout. In addition to appearance, the strengthening of the lumbar muscles is good for health, as this is one of the weaknesses of the bodybuilder. By strengthening the lumbar muscles reduces the risk of diseases of the spine: degenerative disc disease, displacement of the vertebrae and pinched nerves as muscular frame provides strong support for the vertebrae.

In order to strengthen the waist, beginners recommended deadlift as the main acting exercise almost all the muscles of the back.

Lean forward with a barbell

Leaning forward over the bar selectively pumped muscles lumbar, admittedly, it is considered the best exercise to strengthen the lower back. Leave the exercises for the lower back at the end of the workout. Perform it must be switched off with an almost straight back and knees. Bend to the parallel of the floor, and then return to the starting position, and do not forget that the back should be straight.

Hyperextensions (Gipersekstenziya (tension of the back muscles) )

Another exercise for the development of rectifiers back and gluteal muscles and hip flexors. Exercise has a low risk of spinal injury, do not overload the joints, supports muscle tone, strengthens the tendon spine corset, so it is recommended to perform for beginners and people with weak backs. Hyperextensions reduce the risk of injury to the spine and tendons.


As The Gain And Muscle Mass While Not Overgrown Fat

Let’s start with the main, obvious and entirely indisputable – in order to gain muscle mass, you need to eat. For it is all the same weight, though not once. I think if you are not a random person in bodybuilding in general and on our website in particular, you understand. And if you do not take steroids, then, for muscle growth you need to ship the body a fair amount of calories.

On the other hand, the less you eat, the less will get your muscles, even if you hang out all day in the gym.

It would seem that the conclusion is obvious – there are plenty of means, to gain more muscle mass. Elementary Watson. However, it is not. I mean, you’re weight is likely to be to recruit properly, but there is a difference between muscle mass and fat folds. Thoughtless diet according to the principle – eat everything they hold on, not good to you, most likely, will not.

Below I will share with you some secrets on how you can organize your meals so that to gain muscle weight, but it does not accumulate fat in the corners.

Enjoy your reading and informative.

To increase the calories needed

So, first of all, in order to grow, you need calories to gain. There’s no getting around it. What is the easiest way? Get double your dose. If you previously had a toast and two eggs for breakfast, do yourself a toast to two and four eggs. Do this with every meal, and then you will never have to complain about the lack of calories.

Next, do not forget to eat on schedule. Your body should not go hungry for a minute, otherwise it will immediately begin to eat what you turn out. Ideally, you need to eat every 2-3 hours. You can at the same time there is little ground here – regularity.

If you forget to eat on time, put reminders on mobile, good, now it is not difficult. Breakfast should be directly after waking, just in the area of ​​fifteen minutes, no more. Your body has to burn calories coming in, not your muscles.

There is one more fun reception, by the way. Just buy a plate larger than you have at home. This is a fun psychological moment, everything else will be done by the subconscious. Other things being equal, your portion will immediately become much more, as you seek to fill the plate.

Then remember, be sure to eat something immediately after your workout. If you do not, your body will not be able to fully transform into muscle growth effort expended by you in the gym. The ideal option in this case – it is a large and high-calorie shake. And so, too, it is desirable to eat before a workout. However, on this, we’ll talk a little lower.

It is important to choose a balance between the amount of food and calories. As an example, avoid, for example, popcorn, because it takes up space in the stomach and with almost no calories. Also discard towards low-calorie soups and whole vegetables (but salads and fresh juices – it’s good). But you have to be nuts, red meat, dried fruit and bread in your diet.

Keep a journal

Get a special diary for his diet, which mark the number of calories consumed per day and their impact on you. So you can easily adjust your diet to quickly identify and correct errors and to adhere to the right course without much effort.

Not journaling, you actually will wander in the dark, and often in such a situation it will be very difficult to navigate, how and what to change in order to gain muscle mass without dumping the fat tissue. The balance here is quite difficult to observe. Too little – and no growth will not be. Too many – and scored kilos easily become redundant.


Then remember, a little cardio has never and no one interfere. Do not overdo it with him, as with the fat you can start to drive and muscle. Reasonable moderation in cardio will give you excellent results, which you achieve. In the right doses of this training will wake your appetite and speed up metabolism. Keep a training diary so that you can monitor the effectiveness of exercise and can make their own adjustments to them, if necessary.

Do not exercise on an empty stomach

Finally, we come back to what has already briefly touched on above. Never in my life and under no circumstances do not exercise on an empty stomach. Even if you exercise on a schedule in the morning. At a minimum protein shake must accompany you. If you go to the gym after work, it’s not an excuse. Looking for a way to organize your day to one and a half to two hours before your workout you ate. Your car will not go anywhere if there is no fuel. Food – the same fuel for your body. Keep this in mind.

In general, a set of muscle mass – this is a serious issue that must be approached with great responsibility. It’s a science. Learn it, read, learn new things. Strive for success!


How long should I Bulk before Cutting?

Today we are going to discuss optimal bulking cycle length, and answer the question of how long you should bulk before you decide to cut. So regardless of what some of the experts out there might tell you, its just not realistic that an average trainee is going to both build muscle and lose fat at the same time to any significant degree. Both goals have opposing caloric requirements and unless you have top level genetics or some chemical assistance on your side, traditional cycles of bulking and cutting are still going to be the most efficient overall path to your ultimate goals. You might be wondering how long this specific phase of your program should last before you decide to shift into a cutting phase and strip off the excess fat. The truth is that there really is no set answer here and its going to vary greatly from person to person depending on their specific situation. Some trainees may be best off bulking for 6 months before aiming to lose fat while others can bulk forliterally years on end without ever having to worry about a cutting phase at all.The first thing to take into account is how much muscle you ultimately want to carry. Some lifters want to be as huge and muscular as they possibly can, while others want to have a leaner more athletic build while others would prefer to be somewhere in between. So the length of your bulking phase really depends highly on your own personal goals and no one can decide that but you. On top of this, theres really no use in applying a set time frame to your bulking phase from the get go because its not going to be possible for you to predict exactly how fast you’ll ultimately make gains in the first place. Your individual rate of muscle growth will depend on you genetics. It will depend on how well your program is structured as well as how closely you adhere to you r program. Around half a pound of lean body weight per week is reasonable guideline for most average beginners, but this is still just a rough estimate. Not only that but you wont even be able to predict how this resulting gains are going to appear on your individual frame once you make them. For example, 15 pounds of muscle on a 5 foot 7 frame with short limbs is not going to appear the same as 15 pounds of muscle on a 6 foot 4 frame with longer limbs. You’ll only know how it looks and whether or not you’re actually satisfied with it once you get there.

And the second thing for you to take into account is your body fat percentage. Anytime you try to gain a significant amount of muscle you are always going to gain some fat in the process. This is just a natural result of remaining in a calorie surplus over times, and your goal during a bulking phase is to simply keep those fat gains to an absolute minimum. And this is best accomplished by maintaining only a small well controlled calorie surplus of around 15% above your maintenance level, by ensuring that you’re employing a properly structured weight training routine, and by including some additional cardio exercise in your program to keep fat gains at bay. Since weusually recommend that you only set out on a serious bulking phase if your body fat is somewhere around 12% to begin with, and since you’re bulking phase should be implemented in a careful, gradual way, having your body fat levels get out of control during your bulk simply shouldn’t occur if you’re doing things properly. That said, if things do happen to go off course or if you simply end up with an amount of body fat that you’re really not comfortable weight loss steroids uk with thats probably a cue that its timer you to shift out of your bulking phase and into a fat loss phase. However you still won’t be able to predict this right from the get go. So the bottom line here is that your best bet is to simply take it week by week, carefully monitor your progress and then simply shift into fat loss mode when or if it becomes necessary. To set out from the get go and explicit say that you’re going to bulk for 4 months then cut for 2 months or that you’re going to bulk for 1 year and then cut for 3 months probably isn’t going to do you any real good as there are far too many unpredictable factor at play. Just continue your bulking phase until you reach a level of muscular development that you are happy with or until your body fat levels reach a level that you aren’t comfortable with and you want to reduce. Just make sure you stay in your bulking phase long enough to truly make some solid measurable progress before you decide to cut because you definitely don’t want to be one of those guys who consistently goes back and forth between both phases every few weeks and after a year still hasn’t made any real progress in either direction. I hope you found the information useful here today.

Legal steroids for sale

Anabolic steroids are banned in many countries of the world, therefore it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess them. The only legal way to have steroids is through a doctor’s prescription for medical uses; buy the required steroids from a licensed pharmacy. Therefore buying, selling and manufacturing of steroids by any other means is against the law. Many laws have been made over the period of time to control the use of steroids, before these laws were made the steroids can be easily obtained through various resources or from a pharmacy, they can be bought from any place even without the doctor’s prescription, the steroids were often exchanged in the gym by many body builders in the past but after that various laws have passed against the use of steroids, to control the way it is going to be available in the market. This gives rise to the black market, as most of the steroids are easily available in the black market that can easily be bought by anyone.

There are hundreds of steroids that are available in the market and yet there are many of the steroids that are available legally in the market. The most commonly available steroids are Testosterone-Cypionate,Testosterone-Enanthate, Testosterone-Propionate, Nandrolone-Decanoate (Deca-Durabolin), Oxandrolone (Anavar). These steroids are commonly prescribed and available in the market.

These steroids are legally available in the market; they include Dianabol famously used for muscle growth, Anadrol used to gain strength and for bulking purposes, Testosterone Max used for the strength and to gain quick lean muscle mass, Testosterone-Suspension, Sustanon-250, Oxymetholone (Anadrol), Stanozolol (Winstrol), Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin – very rarely). All these steroids can be stacked to get the best results out of it, but it is always suggested to use the steroids in the controlled manner as with steroids we are dealing with the hormones which are produced naturally by the human body.


There are hundreds of steroids that are easily available to anyone who is willing to buy them online on various websites. Although the lawmakers have made and passed several laws against the control and use of steroids online, but it seems that the online steroids company is growing more and more on daily basis. The websites that are offering these steroids are also providing shipment solutions to their product customers to attract more and more customers to their company. Anyone can easily find all the detailed information they require about steroids or about their type of steroids that they want to use. Many of the steroids buyers that buy them online feel comfortable due to the anonymity that this way of purchasing provides. The option of buying steroids online is great news for many buyers as almost all the types of steroids that are available in the market can easily be bought online and often at a very good price. The reason due to which many steroids users are attracted towards the online purchasing of steroids is because this mode of purchasing doesn’t require doctor’s prescription.  As there is a good news there is a bad news as well, the bad news about which many online purchasers have a fear in their mind is the quality of steroids that they are going to get, so it is a big concern for the person who is going to buy steroids online whether they are going to get good quality steroid or not.

Since there are so many sites that claim to offer the best quality product in best price, it is difficult to narrow down to one site to purchase a good quality product as there are many scammers out there as well ready to rip us off.


Anabolic steroids commonly known in the market as AAS short for ANABOLIC ANDROGEN STEROID, that affects the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics. Anabolic steroids are the most commonly used drug to develop a muscular physique that a person can dream of.  Anabolic steroids promote muscle growth and size gains; it also helps in fat loss while maintaining muscle size.

To use steroids to gain muscle one must explore all the available options in the market, one must also needs to know about the way steroid cycle works and works for their betterment.

There is no universal rule for steroids cycle, it all depends on the type of steroids being taken and how the body responds to the doses of steroids. To maximize muscle mass growth one must make steroid cycles shorter so that the body can adjust to it, once the body adjusts to the doses of steroids and starts to respond well, the steroids cycle can be changed and made to go longer than the first cycle which is a normal thing to do and is done by many body builders. This is a normal practice of many users of the steroids. If you notice any changes in your body that you are not comfortable with change your steroid doses, or consult with your doctor. The doctor too will change the amount of steroid you take. One must always make sure while taking the steroids that they are strong drugs that come with many side effects, so one must pay attention to the changes their body is going through while on steroids cycle, and don’t take more doses than the prescribed amount, as the abuse of steroids may result in many severe side effects that may go on for a longer period of time.


Many steroids user suggest that it is completely safe to take steroids; many believe that it will work in your favor if not abused. However, different steroids work differently therefore they pose different side effects and strengths, some are declared safer than the other steroids. From Primobolan which is considered to be a very mild steroid to Oral Tren, which is considered as a very powerful steroid.

Anabolic steroids are in the market for a longer period of time, and it has gathered many users from its availability in the market from day one. Steroids works for some people with no negative effects and for some it works with many dangerous side effects, as every individual in the world is different than the other therefore each individual react differently to the same dose of steroids. With steroids we are basically dealing with our hormones that may result in severe side effects. These hormones are produced by the body naturally, but when taken externally that’s what messes up the body system. Every individual who is using steroids have different goals to achieve. Whether someone is trying to gain muscle mass or change the way they look physically, or improve their physical performance, every individual set their different goal and therefore require different doses of steroids during their steroids cycle, some may achieve their goal with no harm or side effects and some may have to face difficulties in the form of steroids side effects.

The answer to the question that whether steroids can be used safely or not is still not clear, it can be used safely or with more precautions as steroids does have many known side effects to its name. Therefore the risk is always there while taking steroids, the safest way would be to get it prescribed from the doctor and only take the prescribed amount of steroids rather than juicing it up the way you want.